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Insurance for Imported Cars

Nissan SkylineDo you have a car imported from outside of the UK you want to insure? We specialise in hard-to-insure vehicles, including parallel and grey imported vehicles from overseas.

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There is a whole world out there full of cars to choose from. Importing from abroad can allow you to acquire a rare and exotic car, or simply pay less for a popular model sold more cheaply outside the UK. You can import a car to the UK from another country, as long as you follow the procedures set out by the government.

Insuring your imported car can be difficult unless you find an insurer who specialise in this area. Here at Hyperformance we specialise in vehicles imported from abroad, whether it is from within the EU or outside, for example Japan or the USA.

EU Imports (Parallel Imports)

EU imports, also known as parallel imports, are cars imported from within the EU. All vehicles from the EU must meet EU standards for criteria such as crash testing and emissions, which makes parallel imports easier to import and insure.

One potential downside to importing from Europe is the car will most likely be left hand drive.

Non EU Imports (Grey Imports)

Non EU imports, also known as grey imports, are cars imported from outside of the EU. These cars will meet different safety and emission standards than cars from within the EU, which can make them more difficult to import and insure.

Japan is a popular country to import cars from outside the EU, especially higher value cars which can be bought more cheaply overseas.

If you have an imported car you want to insure, call our UK based call centre for a no obligation quote on 0844 573 0438*, or click here for an online quote.
* Calls cost 7p per minute, plus your phone company’s access charge.