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Car mods that will blow your insurance budget

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Making some upgrades to your car? You want to get noticed and that’s fine, but if you’re on a budget, think carefully about the potential impact on your insurance premium.

Don’t assume that it’s just the big, expensive mods that will bump up the price, either. Whilst fitting a more powerful engine might see your premium surge by up to 132%, even inexpensive mods like adding stripes and badges could add another 22% to insurance costs, according to research by Moneysupermarket.com.

Another myth is that improvements which are purely functional, such as adding air conditioning or a satellite navigation system, aren’t really car mods at all. They are, and you should notify your insurer about them. These two examples alone could add 13% and 15% respectively to your premium, as they can increase the theft risk.

High cost aesthetic and performance car mods

If your insurance budget is tight, the most expensive modifications you can make to improve the look or performance of your car are:

  1. Turbo- or super-charging the engine (+132%)
  2. Modifying the transmission or gear system (+63%)
  3. Bonnet bulges, flared wings and wheel arches (+66%)
  4. Complete body kit and panels (+57%)
  5. Interior roll bars, roll cages and removing seats (+41%)

Surprising costs for functional car mods

Cars which are adapted for disabled users can also cost more to insure. Moneysupermarket.com’s research found that premiums can increase by up to 69% for adding wheelchair clamps, a lift, winch or straps, and that adapting a car for hand controls can cost up to 57% more.

The good news…

Some modifications could actually reduce your premium: adding parking sensors, for example, can reduce the chance of an accident while reversing (up to 13% lower premium).

Always tell your insurer about any modifications

Not informing your insurance company of any change which alters a car’s original factory specification can invalidate your policy, so always let them know. Insurers can think differently about what constitutes a modification and how it affects risk, so it’s best to check even small modifications with them.


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Top 5 Luxury Car Accessories

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At Hyperformance we’re used to customers requesting cover for special modifications on their cars. No fluffy dice for these vehicles!

So what sorts of accessories or modifications do high end car owners opt for? We’ve researched some of our favourites and come up with some luxuries that will get you and your car noticed.

Customised Car Covers

Owners of high value cars wrap them up for protection against the elements as carefully as they would their first-born child, so it’s no surprise that there’s a good market for protective car covers.

If you’ve got a Porsche, Ferrari, Mercedes Benz, BMW or one of many other makes of prestigious vehicle, you can choose from a range of customised, breathable and waterproof car covers to ensure your car stays in pristine condition.

Expensive Paint Job

Sometimes, the car itself just isn’t enough of a statement. Why have a racy red Ferrari when you can have a racy red Ferrari…with flames! Art-loving owners tempted into a bespoke and expensive paint job certainly get noticed.

However, there’s no denying that an original piece of car art is the ultimate personalised modification; if your preferences run to tasteful airbrush artwork and custom painting on your car, there are companies in the UK which specialise in these services, from simple logos and graphics to a full-blown original work of art.

Custom Interiors

Custom car interiorIf you want to feel like a total celebrity, the ultimate modification has to be a completely bespoke car interior. Whilst the standard interiors of most luxury vehicles are not to be sniffed at, some owners have very specific ideas about styling and craftsmanship.

From simple steering wheel covers or bespoke leather trim to a complete interior conversion, it’s possible to completely transform the interior of most larger vehicles. We’ve encountered options to add luxurious entertainment consoles and mood lighting, fold-away tables and drinks cabinets or even a shotgun cabinet.

Tracking Devices

On a more serious note, the security of any high value vehicle should always be a priority for owners. Car thieves are using ever more sophisticated techniques to gain access to luxury cars, even managing to bypass traditional alarms and immobilisers.

Increasingly, owners of prestigious vehicles are buying car tracking devices and services which are apparently very effective at recovering stolen vehicles quickly.

For high value vehicles, it’s often a condition of insurance that a tracking device is fitted, so there is now a real call for these services. Even where the tracker is not a condition of insurance, having one fitted improves your car’s security, so it may actually reduce your insurance premiums.


ChauffeurCan a chauffeur be described as an accessory? If you’re seeking to travel anywhere with ease and in superb comfort, we think a chauffeur is, indeed, the ultimate “extra”. And if the manner of your arrival is just as important as your mode of travel, nothing announces your status to the world with quite as much style and class as having a smartly-dressed chauffeur open the door for you.

Chauffeurs can be hired for short or longer-term periods, so if you’re looking to make a classy impression for a special occasion, a chauffeur could be the answer.

Insurance considerations

It’s important to let your insurer know about any modifications made to your car when you take out or renew insurance, as it might affect the cover and premium. You’ll also need to advise your insurance company if you intend another person, such as a chauffeur, to drive your car for short periods.

Whatever your car, we can help you find a competitive quote.

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Mercedes Insurance

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Hyperformance has a wealth of experience at insuring high value cars and can assist you with finding the best insurance for your Mercedes Benz.

From the more basic Mercedes models such as the A Class hatchback through to a top of the range S Class Mercedes or AMG-GT, we compare the online market for the very best insurance deals. Your Mercedes insurance will be tailored to your requirements at a competitive price.

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Tips to help keep the cost of Mercedes insurance low

Luxury cars such as a Mercedes Benz can be more expensive to repair so this is often reflected in the cost of insurance. Help keep the premium down with these few tips:

  • Don’t park your Mercedes on the street. An insurance company could give you a discount if it’s parked securely in a garage.
  • Install a good quality alarm. Prestige cars such as Mercedes can be a target for thieves. An insurance company will often quote a reduced premium if you can mitigate the risk with an approved alarm system in your Mercedes.
  • In general, you’re less likely to be involved in an accident if you drive fewer miles. Your Mercedes insurance could be lowered if you have low annual mileage.